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Welcome to I N S P I R A T I O N by Bennybeee

In this new weekly submitted article, we'll attempt to look at how certain visual attributes, make an image appealing to the eye. Sometimes using a certain design rule, or using simple attractiveness to something.

To start things off, we'll look at design, in particular, Interior Design, as I, like many others find this fascinating concept far more than just brick and plaster. Millions of Deviants from all over the world either design their own ' perfect world ' via Digital tools, such as 3D programs, or Photoshop, or alternatively, capture the beauty that is Interior Design with their Cameras.

I've been following Interior design since I registered this account on deviantART back in '04, so it seemed a simple task to pull the best images from my Favourites to feature them here for your viewing pleasure!

~ C u r v e s ~

Simple clean curves or  circular shapes are possibly one of the best ways to represent a sense of the modernist approach to design. 50 years ago, when the Victorian stages were still going strong, curves and irregular lines were used, but it created clutter, over-design and IMO an ugly design. In today's day and age S i m p l i c i t y is key, something I'm thankful for! A clean shape or movement within a design is more visually appealing than something that resembles a twisty. Have a look at the many examples here and you'll agree..

Musical Stave by dcamacho _white-room_ by Pilzbauer Aquarium by paikan07 Spiral Stair by apixx

arabesque visziul testing..... by silvereye living room by ozhan Meditation by ageofloss Stage is set by Sampdoria

Subway by xxsardisxx Shrine by larkin2 Profile by LutherBash JBH- Spiral by De-Profundis

THRONE ROOM by Hideyoshi black dot - square by herbstkind Existentialism by dinmeleth2004 cocoon one by Ivan-Suta

:thumb69082077: Egglomania by pluschkind Obscurity by noc7 frozen flame by dojoh

Into the Blue by Ariades :thumb58930637: marienplatz no.2 by herbstkind Circumvolute by biroo87

Sihl City V by Ouylle MMK ii by PatriciaD hourglass by icarus-ica Abys by Halfalgo

Ring Tunnel 5 by joejoesmoe :thumb30456296: :thumb64470146: Curve by biroo87

- S h a r p n e s s -

When you think of modern design, in all forms, Graphic Communication, Architecture, Fine Art, Typography etc. etc. line is probably the most important element in the piece, this goes for Interior Design as well, obviously. The easiest way to portray a modern design is to keep it straight, clean and simple. This is very easy to do and looks amazing visually, as well as being easy to work with.

Hidden by paikan07 This Monster Unearthed by UntitledAnonymous Late Night Decissions by Xessex White and Blue Interior by kashghan

13 by ZeEnigMa This Monster Resolved by UntitledAnonymous Nautilus by paikan07 Yellow Escher by billsabub

:thumb37494592: below and beyond by indorock In the loo by Sampdoria Helsinki VII by JACAC

Green by BSeanD 59 by juannamabell :thumb32118807: Bedroom, Carribean by Danur78

CT House Rendering by ev-one :thumb64010219: Urban Bath by apixx

And a few * * * * * K i c k a s s  P i e c e s * * * * * to finish up.

:thumb31597645: :thumb24358557: SPEEDPAINT Havana by ANTIFAN-REAL Day into Night by nathy-d

:thumb24193012: predator by phooey69 Living 02 by HAWF a bedroom. by angelOfLight2

:thumb47552356: Maxwell Livingroom by sanfranguy Pump It by Sampdoria Japan House Renders by ev-one

Saber Medic - again by Hideyoshi Interior Space by sentimentalfreak Metal Star by GoranDA penthouse living room by sedatdurucan

I hope you drew as much inspiration from these pieces as I have.



Next week's Article will be ^ P h o t o g r a p h y - B e a u t y ^
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Sampdoria Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2008
Well Benny ol' boy! Thats a fvking great collection of some good design elements. Love it! One of the best posts on the topic in some while now!
Fiery-Fire Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yes architecture is expending the boundries ;)
AndyFairhurst Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
I wish I could do this design malarky. Not only does it all look so cool and stylish, there is shed loads of money to be made...way more than illustrating someone's book cover.
Bennybeee Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2008
You know mate, you could paint this stuff! Give it a shot.
LeytonC Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
very cool :highfive: - moar plz :p
forever-simplicity Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2008
Nice news article! :D
igy Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2008   Photographer
we want more... we want more... :sing:
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